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12 Herbs in Bek Se Ju

12 Herbs in BEKSEJU

01 Ginseng
It is the best known Oriental Herb in the world. It makes people warm and has a little bit sweet taste. It is said to offer a variety of aids to the body. It is believed to offer wisdom by stabilizing the mind and improve eyesight.

02 Ginger
Helps circulation, and strengthen the marrow, stops dysentery, and helps digestion. Said to be good for sweating, bleeding, paralysis, vomiting, constipation, etc.

03 Liriopis Tuber
Said to nurish yin and promote the production of body fluid, to moisten the lung, and to ease the mind. Also said to be good for dry cough, phthisical cough; thirst due to impairment of body fluid; fidgetness and insomnia; diabetes caused by internal heat; constipation.

04 Dioscorea Root
It helps to build strong digestion and metabolism. Dioscorea also helps strengthen improve lung function, benefiting the whole body. It is commonly used in formulations designed to relieve coughing due to weakened lungs.

05 Schisandra Fruit
Said to improve the eyesight, clean the body’s water systems and increase sperm count. Also said to be good for coughs and headaches and widely used to strengthen our bodies.

06 Cynanchi Wilfordii Radix
Said to assist with clotting in bleeding.

07 Wolfberry Fruit
Said to heal internal pain and strengthen the bone structures. This is a powerful aid for increasing a failing appetite, strengthening the body systems and prolonging life.

08 Cornus Fruit
Said to strengthen the kidney and liver, helps against feeling dizzy and a failing of eyesight.

09 Hawthorn Berry
Effects on the circulatory system have been researched in Europe. Certain chemical constituents in the berries seem to enhance enzyme metabolism and oxygen utilization in the heart muscle.

10 Wolfberry Leaf
Wolfberry leaves traditionally used to improve complexion, remove heat, remove toxins and preventing scar formation.

11 Astragalus
Said to heal sickness in the body, especially effective on tumors, dysentery, pneumatic areas and intumescences.

12 Acanthopanax Root Bark
It strengthens the liver and kidneys, organ systems. It also strengthens the muscles, bones, and tendons, particularly in the lower back and legs. It dispels rheumatic arthritis and is an excellent herb for the elderly and for children who experience difficulty in lower body movements.

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