Comfortable place that severs the best wine in Bekseju Village.

The Promise of Bek Se Ju Village

Our first promise!

We always put our customers’ health on the first burner.

We use only fresh ingredients, and we strictly observe the highest quality control standards.
We do not use MSG so that our food items will be good for the health.

Our second promise!,

We are doing our best to create the proper drinking culture.

We will explain the value and meaning of the traditional Korean wines and foods.
We will revive our cherished traditional Korean wines that have already been forgotten.

Our third promise!,

We regard our customers as family.

We will serve our customers with a cheery disposition, making them feel like they are in a most pleasant house.
We try to listen to the voices of our customers.

국순당 대표: 배상민 / 사업자등록번호 : 124-81-14925 / 고객센터 : 080-0035-100 / 주소 : 강원도 횡성군 둔내면 강변로 975 / 강원도 횡성군 둔내면 현천리 81-3