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Korean Wine for Beauty

Why are the Korean wines good for beauty?

Japanese wines, such as sake and jeongjong, are popular for bathing. Why is the Japanese-style cheongju used for bathing, and why is it widely regarded as the only wine that is suitable for bathing?

In reality, the traditional Korean wines are more suitable for such purpose.
		Both the Japanese cheongju and the traditional Korean cheongju are fermented wines, but the nutritive elements of the Korean cheongju are much better than those of its Japanese counterpart. The effect of bathing wine comes from the wine’s protein, lipid, mineral matter, and vitamin contents rather than from alcohol. Korean wines are fermented with nuruk, made from wheat powder without husks, which contains many nutritive elements, such as proteins, lipid, mineral matter, and vitamins, while the Japanese cheongju is made from several-times-husked rice.

Let’s look into the effects and working elements of beauty wine.
How to Use Beauty Wine
Tips for Using Beauty Wine
Other Uses
1. Sloughing off liver spots formed due to sunlight: Massage your face gently with beauty wine, as if applying lotion, but not too much so as not to blush.
2. Rinse impaired or weak hair with beauty wine.
3. Good for nails impaired by manicure and acetone. After soak your nails in the beauty wine for one or two minutes and then massage them for 5 minutes
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