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Soju (hangul: 소주; hanja: 燒酒), a clear, slightly sweet distilled spirit, is the most popular Korean liquor.

It is made from grain or sweet potatoes and is generally inexpensive. It typically has an alcohol content of 40 proof (20% alc. by volume). There is a version with top notch ingredients distilled using traditional methods that hails from the city of Andong that is 90 to 100 proof.

This version has a government protection/regulation seal, as Andong has historically been known as a fine soju center among other things. While all soju in Korea are priced almost identically (inexpensively as previously mentioned), Andong soju commands more than 20 times that price. It is the cognac to commercial soju's vin du pays. In the late 20th century soju flavored with lemon or green tea became available.

Representative traditional distilled sprit

This wine is said to have been developed by a family as a special gift to the king during the Koryo Dynasty. It was the custom for families to offer a local speciality to the king in exchange for government appointments. The process by which munbaeju was made remained a family secret for generations and has been designated an important intangible cultural asset by the government in recent years.Munbaeju is made by fermenting a Nuruk solution, millet and sorghum, then distilling the mixture and allowing the resulting wine to mature for six months to a year. The wine that results has an alcohol content of over 40 percent
Andong Soju
The soju of Andong in North Kyongsang Province is a distilled liquor made from fermented Nuruk solution, steamed rice and water. This region is known for its good water. soju has an alcohol content of around 45 percent. The liquor is stored in an underground cave at a temperature of less than 15degrees Celsius for 100 days. Every few days the froth is skimmed off with a soft cloth or sieve.
Chunju leegangju
Igangju is a flavored distilled liquor that has been made in the Cholla and Hwanghae regions since the mid-Choson period. It is named for its pear-ginger (igangju)flavor. Igangju is flavored with the juice of pears, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. This mixture is added to regular soju and sweetened with honey. The resulting liquor is filtered and allowed to mature for at least one month.
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