KOOKSOONDANG puts human beings on the front burner before brewing wine.


  • Pierre Babin
  • Father Pierre Babin is a recognized religious leader and a respected authority in ADolescent Psychology in France. He has published Photo Language, which combines education with group media. He established the center for religious communications research, CREC AVEX International, in Lyon, France, where religious media personnel from 110 countries are educated and trained. He has also authored numerous books including Crisis of Faith and Language of Sight, and co-authored with Marshall McLuhan, Different Human, Different Christian in the Electronic Era and www.internet.GOD.
  • 30th Anniversary of CREC AVEX
  • On November 25, 2001, KSD distributed Bek Se Ju gift sets to over 600 representatives from 100 countries attending the CREC AVEX’s 30th Anniversary celebrations, sponsored by The World Catholic Association for Communication (official name: SIGNIS) in Rome. Individuals attending the anniversary celebrations commented that Bek Se Ju tasting and giveaway was the most memorable event of the celebrations.

centre CREC recherche AVEX et communication KOOK SOON DANG BREWERY CO., LTD Kook Soon Dang Bldg 100-3 Samsung Dong Kangnam-ku Seoul Korea Ecully, le 1er mars 2002 Cher Président J'ai le plaisir de vous laisser la permission d'utiliser la photo et la lettre de Pierre Babin pour votre magazine. Bien sûr, ceite autorisation est uniquement valable pour votre magazine et non pour publicité. Avec un ami spécialisé, nous avons fait une étude plus rigoureuse du vin BEK SE JU selon les critères d'appréciation des grands vins en France, Ci-joint, vous trouverez les résultats de cette analyse très positive. Je vous assure de mes sentiments les meilleursPierre Babin Directeur

  • Enjoy the great experience of herbal wine.Have you heard of “BEK SE JU”?
  • Henry Yuen / wine specialist, writer
  • This relatively new beverage that entered world wine market recently is a product of Korea. BEK SE JU is not made from grapes ; unlike Japanese sake, it is not purely a rice wine ; it is also not a beer and definitely not a hard liquor either!However, its 13% alcohol content places it in the wine category.
  • BEK SE JU is unique because of its ingredients. The ten different herbs give it the distinction : Ginseng, Ginger, Licorice, Cinnamon and so on, and needless to say, it has very special aroma and taste. The sweetness, obtained from the licorice and cinnamon, is not to compare at all with the mouth feel from the sweetness of any dessert wines.
  • Served well chilled, BEK SE JU is refreshing and delicately light in texture ? a perfect replacement for white wine, if you prefer something different. Comes in a half bottle (375ml), this wine is not for long-term storage. Similar to beer, it should be consumed as fresh as possible, be sure to check the expiry date at the back of the label. Whether it is consumed for its good taste or rich aroma from various herbs, BEK SE JU will definitely be a popular choice for its versatility as a drink on its own or paired with various cuisine. The aroma of fine rice and herbs, the well-balanced acidity, and good body incorporated well in a harmonious way.
  • Make sure you serve it well chilled. I do not think you will be disappointed!
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