KOOKSOONDANG puts human beings on the front burner before brewing wine.

Company in Brief

KOOKSOONDANG Brewery (KSDB) was established in 1952.
As a major producer of Korean wine and health-related products, we’ve been exerting our efforts in research and development in order to revitalize the Korean traditional brewing formula.
  • In 1992, as a result of a continuous effort in R&D, KSDB introduced its major product, BEK SE JU. The excellent taste and health benefits of BEK SE JU soon captured the hearts and palates of Korean people. Notably, BEK SE JU had been sold over 1billion bottles by 1998. Since then, it has taken up around 70% of market share in the Korean rice wine market.
  • To satisfy the expanding demand on BEK SE JU, we opened a new factory in Hoengseong, Kangwon province in 2004. Our Hoengseong factory has a daily production capacity of 600,000 bottles, and it is famous for its environmentally-friendly facilities.
  • We believe that a good wine creates a positive drinking culture. As a representative Korean wine producer, we promise to do our part in promoting the Korean culture to the rest of the world.
  • KOOKSOONDANG Bldg 110-3, Samsung-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea (135-090)
  • TEL 82-2-513-8529
  • FAX 82-2-544-9497
  • http://www.ksdb.co.kr
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