A representative traditional Korean wine fermented with grains and nuruk and then filtered in the ground (colorless)

The yakju (traditional Korean filter for wine) is placed at the center of the jar, and the clear wine is ladled after the completion of the fermentation.

Originally, yakju in China refers to the wine that is used for medicinal purposes, but yakju has a different origin in Korea.

Baekhaju, hyangeunju, hahyangju, sogukju, buuiju, cheongmyeongju, gamhyangju, jeolju, bangmunju, seoktanju, and beopju are included in yakju. Besides the aforementioned wines, there are hosa-chun and yaksan-chun, which are brewed in more delicate ways. The common word chun comes from the naming style of the Dang dynasty in China. Even though there is really no such word as chun, there are several wines in the same category, such as samheyju, baekilju, and samaju.

Bekseju and Kangjang Bekseju are the representative yakju wines in the modern times. They are brewed from rice and medicinal herbs.